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About US

About Us

We have all your needs,from micro to macro

Singa Tel Pty Ltd trading as NET15 has over 10 years’ experience as a VoIP and Internet services Provider offering solutions to hundreds of home and business clients in South Africa. We are ICASA registered,a Level 1 BEE telecommunications services provider and has gained a reputation for outstanding service and advanced solutions. Over the years we have grown, evolved and matured. We no longer just provide VoIP and internet services, but we also look forward to bringing down costs. We offer our client’s cost-effective communication solutions. There are now a lot of VoIP and ISPs out there and you can choose from multiple Providers.


Years of experience

Why Choose Us

Most internet services and VoIP Providers are able to offer cheap calls but few are able to offer customised solutions that are both affordable and reliable. We offer a wide range of solutions that will keep you connected and accommodate your unique requirements. We are also able to provide VoIP solutions on many different types of broadband connections. This means that if we are not your internet connection provider, we can still guarantee that you will have VOIP connectivity. Our pricing model is easy to understand. And you can easily measure your savings. Most notably, we don’t believe in long-term contracts which means we have a vested interest in offering you the best service experience. We remain competitive while ensuring a premium service. Our network has multiple points of presence and interconnects throughout the country which ensures maximum uptime. You can depend on our highly skilled and trained team to offer support and advice. In addition, our user-friendly online portal will enable you to manage your own solution portfolio.


We strive to deliver products and services that best represent our client’s needs.


We go the extra mile to save our client’s costs, by delivering the lowest prices for top quality services.


We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. No matter the size, we treat all our client’s with the same level of quality service.

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